Friday, October 8, 2010

Winnie the Pooh Nail art

Hi everyone,

me and my boyfriend loves window shopping specially when we're waiting for our next class to start. we love visiting stores with cute stuffs like those with cartoon characters and anime stuffs. i just love the store of Clippers. it has a lot of winnie the pooh stuffs. i love it's bean bags, super soft i just can't sleep with out my pooh bean bag. i love pooh and just got inspired by it so i created a colorful nail art out of it.

with my playful imagination and inspiration from 3TanjaJ3, i experimented with different techniques such as making my own decals and stickers (bee = self made sticker and pooh = self made decal).

self made sticker (i saw this technique on 3tanjaJ3)
self made decal

so far, this is my favorite nail art and Yes it is because it's Pooh =)

materials used:
Caronia: Natural
Bobbie: Pure White
Elianto: Yellow
Caronia: Baby Pink
The FaceShop: BL602(powder blue)
Fire: Glaze Emerald
Two-Way Nail Polish(blue, pink, orange)
The FaceShop Nail dot tool(black and white)
 Amisy Image plate: D03
makeup sponge

Thanks for reading



Amazing and colorful! I like it! :) :)

Vhlesz (Bless)

thanks alice. i really love colorful designs


nice designs! i love winnie the pooh too. hope you could teach us how to make self made decals. btw, new follower here. ;)

Bless (Vhlesz)

oh hi jasmine thank you for following. whoa i found a pooh sister lol. well doing that self made decal is really easy all u have to do is to print the design that u want i use a regular bond paper for that pooh decal but be sure that i'll fit your nail(that's the only hard part it's like a trial and error technique) den just cut it and its done =) but i will make a tutorial out of it if you wish so =) kisses

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