Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NOTD: Metallic Decals

Hi Everyone,

a friend sent me some metallic decals to try on, and i must say they ROCK. it's a must have and you gotta have to try them all. they're not just beautiful, they're also easy to use. words can't explain how gorgeous the decal was (and so does the camera damn).
i applied 2 coats of Rainbow Nail Color. its a tan colored polish with holographic effect. i simply love this polish. it matches my skin tone and i love the holo effect (my camera sucks. can't show the effect damn)
then applied a leaf styled metallic decal (isn't it gorgeous?)
and to spice it up a bit, i used my F xl plate to add a flower. (can you see the peacock feather that i'm holding on? so cute)
so that's it for today hope you liked it.
thanks for reading'

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

NOTD: Cards Up

Hi Eveyone,

did i ever mentioned that i love as in super LOVE nail decals? if not then i'm telling it now, i'm totally addicted to them. and whoa just found a new decal design that rocks. i super love this design. i don't really know how to play poker or any other card game but i super love cards and poker designs. from 3D molds to image plates to nail decals I LOVE IT so much. don't you love those mini cards? it rocks.

So that's it for today hope you liked it
thanks for reading

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A Giveaway by Spellbinding Nails

hey dolls

an awesome giveaway awaits. congratulations sarah on reaching 100 followers and still growing yay.
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Notd: All about Summer

Hello Everyone,

it's been a long time since i updated my blog but now i'm back and woot i was surprised to finally reach 50 followers. yahuu. maybe in few months time i'll be having a giveaway still got a lot of stuffs to fix. so anyway for today i wanted to share my work. i actually made it a week ago but due to a tight and busy schedule, have no time to share it.

Got really short nails so i extended my nails a bit using acryic extensions. i did different designs for my left and right finger nails.

here's an overlook on how my nails looks like:
on my left finger nails: i did a beach inspired design. i miss the beach a lot we usually spend the summer swimming only on a pool, beaches was way too far from us (and that was so sad) i used 3d molds for the designs.don't you love those shells and underwater creatures?
on my right finger nails: i did a yummy sweet inspired design. during summer i really love eating ice creams and sweets (oh no carbs) but that's how summer works for me. summer with out yummy ice creams is boring (for me) LOL

so that's it for today. hope you liked my work.
thanks for reading

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