Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black and White with LV water slide decals

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I went to Salon de manila to visit my cousin, Tricia. i remembered that salon de manila's fashion guide is London inspired fashion. they are into all blacks, all whites, or black and white colored outfits. so i created a design out of it. i added rhinestones and LV decals to make it more fashionable.

Materials used:
Caronia: Black Velvet
Art Deco: White
LV Water Slide decals

Thanks for reading and i hope you liked my design

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nailswatches: Harry Potter theme

Hi everyone

I joined Nailswatches nail art contest with a harry potter theme. im not satisfied with my work. well, im not a fan of harry potter so it is kinda hard for me to make an entry out of it. i even forgot to create another entry but still i did my best for this. it's my first time but it's not that bad, isn't it? hehe

Here's my entry

the voting will end on Oct. 10 so if you think my design is good, please do vote for me. here's the link:
(you must be a follower so that you votes may be counted.)

Hope you like it. have a nice day

Nail art Challenge: FLoral entry 2

Hi everyone,

I haven't updated my blog for a week, so i'll be posting multiple stuffs. i posted my first entry for the nail art challenge last week and now for my second entry

for me, the bright base color looks cute on the flowers. my flowers aren't perfect yet it looks kinda weird, im not really good in using acrylics yet but im still on the process of learning, but it looks good though, right? hehe.

so for this weeks challenge "Black and white" is the theme. still can't think of a design yet but i'll post it as soon as i finished my art

i hope you like my design thank you for reading

Monday, September 27, 2010

Victoria's Secret: Cherry on Top

Hi everyone,

Just wanna share this cute nail polish. It's called "Cherry on top" by victoria's secret. my aunt bought me this lovely polish last year, she loves victoria's secret a lot and so am i. i love red polishes and i can say that this counts as my favorite polish.

Looks really hot. one or two coats looks great and it also has a shimmering effect. super cute!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nail art Challenge: Floral

Hi everyone

just wanna share you my entry for this weeks nail art challenge.
last week's fab nailart's challenge theme was Anything Goes. for this week, their theme was Floral (love it). this time, i made a simple but elegant styled art.

i had so much fun while doing this. maybe because im inspired at that time. i got so excited and made my entry too early (i already did submitted it too). fab nailart's weekly challenge allows us to submit 2 entries and im planning to do another one. Yipey! after doing my 2nd work i'll share it to you guys.

Thank you for reading

Nail art Challenge: Anything Goes

Hi everyone

Last week, ThRiSzHa and Mae, started out their weekly nail art challenge. I've been busy during that week so i forgot, as in, I Completely forgot about it. while checking out my facebook, that was a friday night, i saw the tagged picture of the said challenge, Oh No! the deadline is tomorrow and i still haven't made my entry yet. since i have no more time to do it, and i'm really tired and exhausted that time, i decided to submit my past work. i choose the simplest one. and here it is

Simplicity is beauty

the polishes that i used are: the L.A Girl black light nail polish disco brites (Red), Elianto Yellow, Art Deco forest green and Art Deco Silver glitters.

Thank you for reading

Dealing with cracked nails

hi everyone

Isn't it annoying when your nails got broken? 'coz for me, I really really really hate it when my nails got cracked and broken. i'm forced to cut my nails which makes it shorter, and for me designing nails would be much better with long nails (short nails are good but designs are limited).

Oh no!! I'm just starting to grow my nails and now what? so sad =(

so to deal with it i did a little research and found out that you can temporarily fix it without even cutting your nails. Yay!! and all you need is a Tea Bag. Yes, a TEA BAG!

just pour out it's content and cut and shape the paper like thing to the shape of you broken nail. condition your cuticles by applying a cuticle oil on your cuticles and massage it, then apply a nail hardener to strengthen your nails.

i used Bobbie Cuticle Oil with avocado extract, almond oil and Vitamin E
i used Caronia's Nail hardener and Base coat

while the base coat is still wet, placed the shaped paper unto the cracked/broken nail and seal it with a top coat.

Fresh and clean nails, looks Great. Now, you can also wear your favorite nail polish if you want and you're done.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fruit Madness

Hi everyone

I will be joining a local nail art contest and I can't still think of a design. I was watching on TV when i saw the commercial of a Fruit yogurt. the fruit thing keeps popping on my mind so I decided to try making fruits using acrylics. I just love what I've been doing and decided to create my nail art entry out of fruits.

combination of acrylics and fruit fimo

Thinking of an entry for a nail art contest is really really hard. good thing there are a lot of things around you in which you can use as an inspiration and model.

Hope you love my design.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Red is Hot

Hi everyone

I got bored so I decided to make a video of my nail art stuff. I just noticed that my outfit doesn't compliment with my nails so when I saw my nail polishes, I grabbed my favorite color and decided to paint my nails on. I choose Fantasy Red of Caronia

Fantasy Red
I really really love this color, it looks Hot and sexy. You can wear this from the simplest or casual thing to the glamorous red carpet thing. Just remember that confidence is what you need and what you feel is what you look.

A lot of my friends love this too. I even used it on my toe nails and it looks great.

I love it. looks really hot and sexy, now I'm ready to go.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love art

Hi everyone

It's a special day for me because my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 11th monthsary (Yay! 1 more month to go), so I decided to make a cute nail art design for him.

 I used Antonio Lavanderas of Mwah for my base coat. I find it really chic, the color is really nice and you'll surely love it.

using a make up sponge, I applied my next coat, which is Claret of Caronia, at the tip in a diagonal position. Those who loves pink will surely go wild with this color. wearing this nail polish makes me feel girly.

I'm not really good in stamping art. I can only make simple designs like those with one color technique but I'm working on it. Someday I'll be good at it.

I used Amisy's image plate D03 (I wish I could have Konad but I can't find one here in my country). I love Hearts =)

Now, using my red and pink acrylics, I molded hearts (i really really love hearts) and letters which forms "I love JC" (because that's my boyfriend's nickname).

Just seal your work with your favorite top coat and your done. I got inspired maybe because I'm inlove and of course Happy =). for me, My nails explains my feelings and emotions so wear your nails with a smile and be proud.

Love is in the Air

you can also create this cute design using the same stuffs that I used above