Monday, January 24, 2011

NOTD: Western Cowboy Nail Art and Christmas Gifts

Hi Everyone,

Well a few days ago i did a major cleaning on my nail art stuffs. it was growing so fast and i love it so much maybe i can show it to you nextime. while cleaning i saw my image plates and realized something, "OMG I haven't used my konad S5 and M48 plate yet" i bought it a few months ago but i didn't manage to use it because i got so busy. so after cleaning, i decided to try the Konad S5 i.p wohoo western cowboy yeah. oh btw, im not good in stamping i'm just playing a bit but i do hope someday i can be very good in stamping techiniques like ng IDOLS, Johanne of and Mae of they're really awesome and super kind.

told yah im not good in stamping lol. im a bit of a Trying Hard Gal at this point but soon i know i'll be good at this technique Lol. and also i mentioned on my last post that i'll be sharing to you the Christmas gifts that i received so here they are(better late than never right?):

don't yah love that cute snow man and charm?
from: Den of Onestop Kikayshop

From my Mommy Grace

A Gift for myself weeee
free bb cream yay!
a couple of china polishes for stamping
So that's it for today thank you for stoping by.
Kisses ^^

Sunday, January 16, 2011

NOTD: sculptured nail + water slide decal + stamping = FAB

Hi everyone,

whew, it's been a very long time since i posted something on my blog i got really busy at school. you know, school works, school activities and a lot more but then im back now plus i gained back my inspiration for art. well new year new ideas whew so excited. so for today i wanna share you gals my work. it's a sculptured nail and for the design i used a water slide decal, which was given to me as a Christmas present, and a stamping technique to add a spice for the design.

without stamping

simple as it can be but i like it a lot. so that's it for now hope you liked it. oh btw, on my next post i'll include the gifts that i receive from my kikay buddies. have a nice day ahead gals.