Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi everyone,

i've been really busy lately that i didn't manage to create any post at all. i'm so sorry. i've also been experiencing that thing that they call as Artist block. my mood in doing nail art isn't present yet. i'm very very very sorry but with enough rest and relaxation, i'll be back in motion soon. love yah guys muah

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My entry for Tara's Nailart Contest

Hi everyone,

i joined Tara's nailart contest, well actually it's a giveaway but to break the ice she made it a nail art contest and 3 lucky winners will be chosen after a week. if you think i'm worthy enough to win please do vote for be but you must be a follower first so that your votes will be counted. here's my entry
i call it "SANTA TURNS GRAY"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nail art Entry on Simply Rins "Color it Red" nail art contest

Hi everyone,

i joined Rins nail art contest with a theme of "Color it Red" you can do anything but the color of red must be dominantly present. and so here are my entries:
Roses are Red

Poker Cards
i used acrylics for this because i want to make a 3d effect on my entries. please do vote for me if you think my work looks good click here

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NOTD: 108 Day Dreaming + amisy m36 image plate = Simply Girly

Hi again,

my aunt arrived last november 2. supposedly, i'll have a bunch of new hauls but unluckly she placed it on the other box and will arrived at the country at the end of the month of december. how sad =( good thing there's one  polish that got lost and was placed on her make up kit.
2 coats of milani 108 day dreaming

at first i thought the swatch isn't good but when i applied it on my nail, i just told myself that this will be my new favorite =) i even added some design. using amisy m36 image plate. and i find it really pretty

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Advance Monthsary Gift from my Boyfriend

Hi again,

November 5th is my 13th monthsary with my lovable hubby. we were at the mall a day before our monthsary, so that's November 4. my boyfriend usually puts my attention away from nail polishes because he knew that i will surely grab one (actually not just one) and that will take a lot of time in deciding on which swatch i will choose. but that day, he was the one who told me that he will buy me a nail polish. well upon hearing that, i really got excited because there's one nail swatch that i would really love to try. it's Wet 'n' Wild Rain Check/Ciel Surprise.
Rain Check/Ciel Surprise

this swatch is really cute. it's not opaque though but i really like this color. i will use this one maybe one of this days.

my boyfriend also bought me this cute little pink lamp which he knew that i can use when i'm doing my nail art. YAY! i love my lamp 

i also bought some caronia nail polish but this time with my own money

Simply Red

Here are the Polishes that i got that day
From L-R: Rain Check/Ciel Surprise, Claret, Simply Red, Bliss

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New Hauls

Hi everyone,

i miss blogging. i've been really busy and got no chance to blog so i'll be posting a lot of stuffs today. last week i received my new items that i purchased on an online store at Facebook. i bought 1 white acrylic powder, 3 fauxnad I.P, acrylic liquid and nail art decals. but unfortunately, since i bought the acrylic liquid and decals on another shop, i forgot to took a picture of it.

Christmas I.P

Halloween I.P
aww it hurts =(
i got excited with my plates and and i completely forgot that fauxnad I.P is sharp and the result of my clumsiness? i cut my own thumb =( it really hurts. ouch! so be careful in handling those fauxnads.
that's all for this post

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Friday, October 29, 2010

NOTD: Bring it on + RAOK from my friend Jovis

Hi again,

i just remembered that i forgot to post this mani. i made it last Tuesday. the design was inspired by the movie Bring it On. well i love that movie a lot. whenever i got bored, i always find myself watching movies (which i already did watched before) and Bring it On is always a very good choice for me. i love cheerleading and dancing and stuffs like that. i'm really amaze by the stunts and routines that they do. i simply love cheering squads. well this design was from the first part of Bring it On. the team Toros and Clovers
not really good in free hand but i love it.

and also, later this afternoon, me and my Gorgeous friend, Jovis met at the mall. i gave her the LV decal that i bought last last week and in return she gave me a wonderful Pink Maybelline lipstick.

looks really chic and girly. so cute. thanks Jovis. so that's all for today

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snacks instead of nail polish hauls

Hi everyone,

last Wednesday,  i was about to buy some new nail polish hauls. i found a bunch of nice and wonderful polishes but me and my boyfriend got hungry so we decided to eat first before buying the polishes. after eating, we went on the mall's supermarket to check if there is a "Tanduay Ice" (it is an alcoholic drink but the taste is more of like a soda) and guess what, i just found myself buying yummy snacks.

yummy yummy gummy bears =)
i love eating. and when i found my all time favorite candy, the Gummy Bears, i grabbed it w/o any hesitation well it's been a long time since i bought them. i miss eating gummy bears. but you know what? all those goodies costs 800 pesos. aww too bad i can't buy the polishes that i saw. anyway there's always a "Next Time" =)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOTD: Smoking Kills

Hi everyone,

i'm an anti-smoker, my nose got easily irritated to cigarette smoke. well actually, due to my allergy, i got a sensitive nose that's why it gets irritated every time i smell something unpleasant. but that's not it, we all know the smoking is dangerous to ones health. and as a message, i created a design out of it.
SMOKING KILLS!! and in time, you might surely suffer respiratory infections. so LESSEN or much better STOP smoking. love yourself don't wait until it's too late.

Thanks for reading and i hope you like my work

My work place, My nailart Station

Hi everyone,

i'm feeling fine now but i don't have time to do my nails today because of my classes. so i'll just share you my cute little work place where i spend most of my time doing nail arts. my room is really small (and so does my height lol!) but each of my things has it's own place. sometimes my room looks really untidy but then before going to bed i assure that everything is neat and clean.

so this is my work place. actually this was my study table and i usually put my laptop in this table but since laptops are portable, i usually surf, blog and play games on my bed. so i decided to use this table as my nail art station. it is quite small but i fit in. my hands are small and i am small too. lol!

that's me on the mirror. Oh, i placed that mirror in there because... i simply love mirrors =)
 Let's get closer, that's the left side to the center side of my station. i have my acrylic paints in there, my palette, the plastic thing that i use in making my self made stickers, my practice fingers, my nail decorations (such as rhinestones, glitters, uncut fimos, molded acrylics and stuffs like that) was placed on that transparent container thing, my brushes (nail art and acrylic brushes) and dotter tool, rhinestone picker, wooden stick and twizers are placed on the transparent little container that i filled in with shells as a support for them.

Let's get closer to the right side of my station. on the top i have my nail treatments and stuffs that i use for my home spa. the acetone that i used for cleaning my image plates, my power file and under it is my nail art stamping machine. on the green container i have my edge cutter (cutting acrylics and fake nails), nail file and buffer, scissors, nail glue and a glue that i use for sticking my fake nails on my practice fingers, cutter for my fimos, measuring spoon which i use for mixing acrylic powders and a foot file.

this is closer view (left side) of the above image. in here i have my acrylic liquid and powder. those powder on the small containers is my own mixed color. behind it was my acrylic molds and sponges. my cotton balls and pads and also my Q-tips has it's own container but i only filled it up when i'm about to do my nail arts.

this is the closer view (center part) of the above image. i have here my fimos, my nail art pen's (i have sally hansen and the faceshop nailart pen's in black and white), my nail art decals, stickers, stripping tape and nail forms. my 2 way nail art pen and brush. my fake nails (the brown container is also my fake nails), art deco nail art polish, my special polish for stamping, my primer, image plates, stamper and my scraper.

under my table is a cabinet where i place my nail polishes. i have local brands and also some branded ones. i sorted it out according to its color so that i can find it easily when i need to use them.

i don't really have a huge collection of my nail art stuffs. that's all that i have for now. but i'm still waiting for my aunt,which will visit us (she's from California) and will arrive here on Nov. 2, she bought me a bunch of new hauls and it'll be added up to my collection. well, that's it for now.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

NOTD: Snowy Christmas

Hi everyone,

i'm still not fine yet. my headache got worst, my cough is really hard and my allergies are bad. i think i need to see my doctor. i hate getting sick i just slept the whole day i can't even eat like the way it used to. the food looks really yummy but it taste awful when it goes through my mouth. waaa leave me alone sickness. please not me. well, anyway for today i would like to share a mani that i created last thursday. i'm chillin' right now (coz' i also have fever) and so does this mani.
that's it for now. hope you liked it.

thanks for reading

Saturday, October 23, 2010

NOTD: Garden Rose

Hi everyone,

just a quick post, i arrived home sick so i can't make a good post today. my headache is really bad and my asthma strikes back again. i really hate this feeling. anyway, i just want to share you my work for today. i'm not really good in stamping techniques but this one looks good for me then.

that's all for today, i still need to rest.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Nail art Challenge: Halloween Nailart

Hi everyone,

so for this week's FNA Challenge, the theme is about halloween. i wanted to use 3D techniques but i ran out of acrylic liquid so i can't use my acrylics right now. i really miss my acrylics so much. i'm planning to create something really good for this challenge but too bad i can't. so i just came up with this design.
 i just played with my design. i want my work to look not so serious. its just a simple design but i love it. what can you say?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art: my way halloween giveaway

hi everyone,

Midge of Art: my way is having a halloween giveaway. the package includes, OPI Couture Color mini set (includes Brisbane Bronze, Bogota Blackberry, Black Cherry Chutney), OPI Swiss Collection mini set (includes Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Yodel Me on My Cell, Color So Hot it Berns, RapiDry Top Coat), Sally Girl mini glow in the dark polish, Avon Cherry Jubilee, Avon Midnight Plum, Avon Olive Green, China Glaze Mummy May I, China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y and a China Glaze Zombie Zest, Full size Mango Mend and she said she'll add some candy treats.
cool giveaway isn't it

Monday, October 18, 2010

NOTD: Sponge Effect

Hi everyone,

i've been busy for a couple of days due to my prelim exams. i also missed Thriszha and Mae's FNA Challenge last week. but anyway there's still a lot of upcoming challenges so no need to worry. for today, i would like to share my past mani. i think i made this last april so it's been 6 months then. it is a colorful sponge effect for me.
it is a bit messy because at that time i got so excited to take a picture out of it. so as soon as i finished applying my top coat, instead of grabbing a Q-tip to clean the edges, i grab my camera instead and took a shoot. well it looks cute though, right?

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Friday, October 15, 2010

NOTD: Kisses on my nail

Hi everyone,

earlier i bought decals from an online store. i did even showed you my skull decals w/c i'm very excited to wear at during that time. so now i did a simple mani out of the kisses nail art decals.

 i used Mwah's "Pink Carter"(that's the glitter effect) for the base coat of my 4 fingernails and the mixture of Bobbie's "Pure White" and Mwah's "Antonio Lavanderas" (i kinda marbled it but due to the flash of my camera the effect can't be seen) for the ring finger. then using a makeup sponge, i used Caronia's "Claret" and did the tips. after applying the decals i spiced it up with some pink rhinestones. i sealed it with Caronia's "Blush" to add some more pinkish or redish effect on my nails. hope you loved my design.

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October is all about Pink

Hi everyone,

this month is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this reminds me of my grandmother who survived Breast Cancer. she was at her mid-seventies when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. they must get rid of her right breast so that the cancer cell won't spread out to her body. and so just like what other breast cancer patients, my grandmother needs to undergo an operation but in her case, due to her age and asthma, it is a bit dangerous. at first, the doctor refuse to do the operation because my grandmother is too old and might not stand it but then my grandmother is brave enough and believes that she can survive the operation. we prayed a lot while she was on the operating room and i know that she's praying too. though i'm not at the hospital that time (because i still have my class), i can't help but think about her and what's happening at the operating room. we've waited for hours but it's worth it because my grandmother did it, she survived the operation. though that's not through yet, she's still under observation and needs to take medicine for 5 years. but thank God after 5 years of continuous medication, we can say that my grandmother is free of breast cancer and those cancer cells. Yes she really did Survived.
this is me and my grandmother

i admire my grandmother for being brave and strong. despite of her age, she took the risk and faced the operation. though now she's in heaven with our Savior, Jesus Christ, i know that every pain that she had while she was still alive is worth it and now she's very happy together with my grandfather.

in remembrance of my grandmother and for the national breast cancer awareness month, i did a simple nail art for it,

1 of every 8 women will develop breast cancer so be aware. let's spread this to all the girls in the world. check and feel your boobies remember that prevention is better than cure.

how about you? what can you share?

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