Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lack of Post

sorry for the lack of post. i actually have a lot of things to share but i'm really really busy with things that has something to do with my work. as soon as i have my free time, i'll be back in motion again. i miss you all =)
God Bless

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tagged: What's in my Purse?

Hello Everyone,

A couple of days ago, my friend Kate of nails by kate vergara tagged me on a post. so i'll be showing you the stuffs that i have inside my purse.

NO CHEATING ALLOWED!! you can make a video or just simply take a picture of it.

WARNING: you'll see a lot of POOH in this video haha. so here it is,

So now I'm Tagging this to:
So that's it for now.


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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you Yoannita for tagging me on this award. yay got another award woot woot. so this is the,

this award is designed to be awarded to blog with less than 300 subscribers to spread the blog love and get them out to a wider audience.

The rules are simple :

  •  Post displaying award, linking back to the person who awarded you.
  •  Pick 3 blogs and let them know they are awarded. 

and now i'm tagging this to:
Have a Great day ahead!!
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POTD: Green Goddess

Hello Everyone,

sorry for not updating for a couple of days, been very busy with my shop and my birthday nail art contest. woot woot!! one more week before my birthday YAY!! can anyone guess my age? LOL. my contest was open for local (philippines) contestants only, can't afford to go international yet. hmm maybe in a few months time, i'll be hosting an international giveaway. so to those who would like to join, feel free to visit and like this page Nailart Contest by Vhlesz, the prizes and mechanics are already posted. well anyway, just wanna share you my peds for today. i used the sponge method to do the gradient effect and added some 3d flower to spice it up.

w/o 3D Flower

w/ 3D Flower

don't you love these shoes. haha
so that's all for today, hope you like my work.
thanks for reading


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NOTD: Royalty Nailart

Hello Everyone,

been busy these past few days, i'm a bit worried about my ojt and some of the id's that i need for my future work. still haven't got my birth certificate yet and it's really annoying because i really really need it. am about to turn 22 this june and still i haven't got one yet. dayum. Well anyway, so much for that annoying thing. just wanna share this Glittery Holo polish of Claire's. again, this is from my lovely friend Tiff. i'm so hooked up with this polish. i super duper LOVE this polish, i love the glitter and the holo so much *drooling*  this is one of my lemmings and thanks to Tiff, i've got one. YAY!!

my camera can't really capture the beauty of the polish. can't show how beautiful it glitters and the awesome HOLOness aww.

2 coats (next time will make it 3 coats LOL)
glittery love awww

it also kinda looks like a nail foil for me, so i decided to stamp with BM08 for the crown in the ring finger and BM19 for the circles. got this idea from my friends nail art work, Johanne. thanks sis for this one.

Blurred to show the beauty of the Glittery Holo

So that's it for today,hope you like my work.
thanks for reading

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nailart Contest Entry Please do vote for me

hello everyone,

remember my wedding nail art design? i posted it a couple of days ago. i was in doubt on joining at that time but then after a few days i decided to join in and submitted the same entry. (sorry for posting it again)

to vote please do visit and like this page

and my entry. mine was entry #3

(click the photo)

your help will be very much appreciated. thank you so much

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NOTD: Peace and Kisses Nailart + my very first international swap ever

Hello Everyone,

Isn't it that today is said to be "The Judgement Day" and the world will end at around 6pm? so that means we only have until 5.59pm today to blog LOL. well, i don't actually believe on that thing 'coz only God knows when the world will end. just keep on praying for guidance God will never leave you behind. well anyway, so much for that thing, we all know that lately the world was lacking out of peace and love. there's a lot of bombing, threats, terrorism and war which is not good because a lot of innocent people dies. so as a Filipino youth, i made a simple nail art to reach out to the people all over the world. lets all have PEACE and UNITY, and spread some LOVE and KISSES.

for the base color i used 3 coats of Orly: Space Cadet, stamped with BM07 using a Yellow Konad special polish and a Pink Konad special Polish for the BM02 image plate. i also love the shiny and glossy finish of this art thanks to Seche Vite and hey, everything that i used in here, starting from the base coat unto the top coat, i've got it from a swap.(and almost everything was my very first and only bottle) here's what i've got during my swap with my Lovely friend,  Tiff of yardsticks4lunatics (this was my very first international swap ever too).

yummy easter treats, bm plates, cute buffer, a decal and sticker, garfield socks, and lots of great polishes

i've been worrying for this pack for a week,i didn't receive any notice from the P.O yet (OMG!!) and it's over a month, but good thing all those waiting stops. after receiving the notice i immediately went to the P.O to pick it up. YAY!! feels like an Advance birthday gift and i'm so so so so so HAPPY!!! *can you feel it LOL* 
Thanks tiff =)

and oh, a few weeks ago i also received an early birthday present from my pretty friend, Gelyn. yay lots of early gift hihi.

so that's all for today, this was quite the longest post i've ever did ('coz its the end of the world!! Kidding)
thanks for reading and i hope you like it

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


How about some fab giveaway?
she'll be giving away not just 1 not just 2 but 3 prizes.

check out Sarah's giveaway
she'll be giving away a lot of cool prizes

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Giveaway @ Lovely in Lacquer

Hello everyone,

just found out another great giveaway. woot woot check out lovelyinlacquer.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

NOTD: The Antonio Duo inspired Nailart

hello everyone,

just a quick post. just wanna share you my work. it was inspired by The Antonio Duo (isaiah and andrai) check out there videos. they're so funny and cool plus the fact that they will surely be a future heartrob LOL

so that's it for today, hope you like it
thanks for reading

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An awesome giveaway

Hello everyone,

here's a list of some of the great giveaways you must join into:

check out KarenD's awesome giveaway. you'll surely love her prizes. the deadline is on May 17th

check out sonidlo's giveaway. the giveaway will end on June 13th

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NOTD: 3D Transformice Nailart + Kreativ Blogger award

hello everyone,

yesterday i was checking out some new blogs that i recently found, and among them all i enjoyed Mini's Blog i love her colorful 3d nail arts. they're so eye catching and so adorable plus i find her really funny and cool and oh she's really cute =). her tutorials was great and it can help you a lot. i was inspired to do some 3D art and i came up with this TRANSFORMICE eeee

unluckily i ran out of liquid monomer and can't do the rest of my nails. huhu so sad. well anyway how did you like my cheese? hihi.

and oh i also received an award  YAY!! i'am a KREATIV BLOGGER thanks to my dearest friend Zarina of MARSHEE13

the rules are simple
1. Pass this award on to 10 bloggers of your choice
2. Write 10 facts about yourself

So here it Goes:
10 Facts About me:

1. I have Ichthyophobia  or the Fear of the Fish.
2. I'm so Obsessed with Winnie The Pooh in fact my pooh collection is starting to grow really really fast. 
3. i'm a picture freak
4. i can Sing, Dance, Act, Draw and can even play some musical instruments like piano, guitar and drums.
5. i'm good in using oil pastels. well coloring is my major i guess.
6. i'm good at Animations and pictures/video editing. i might take a masteral for it.
7. i love cleaning my room.
8. what i really want is to become a Psychologist but i ended up being a IT Professional.
9. loves designing, crafting and inventing stuffs ART ART ART 
10. I eat a lot. that's why i easily gets fat. well can't blame the food they're so Yummy.

Now I'm tagging:
so thats it for today, hope you liked it.
thanks for reading

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Friday, May 13, 2011

NOTD: Wedding Nailart

Hi Everyone,

so ok, yesterday blogger was under maintenance and when it came back, the first time i checked it out, one post was missing waaa but good thing after a while it came back but the recent comments was not there anymore. awww so sad =(

well anyway just wanna let you know that I'M GETTING MARRIED, just kidding LOL (effect of the missing comments waaa) hahaha. so for today i wanna share you dolls my wedding nailart. this was supposedly my entry for a local nail art contest but i kinda changed my mind. should i join or not? hmm hmm hmm
i really enjoyed doing wedding nailart designs, it feels like i really am getting married haha.

here's the link for the contest Awesomenails

so that's it for today i do hope you like it. thanks for reading

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Monday, May 9, 2011

loving 3D nailart

Hello Everyone,

just a quick post, i'm really getting addicted to 3D nail art now a days. i find it really nice and cool. i just don't like the smell of the liquid monomer errrr it triggers my allergy rhinitis all the time. but i really can't help it, i love acrylics. wish someday i could also try the gel ones.

 among them all, this is my favorite. i really really love doing the underwater and sea creatures nail art thingy a lot but the weired things is, i don't like em if they're real. FYI, i have Ichthyophobia, or the fear of the fish.

So that's all for today, hope you like em.
Thanks for reading

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Monday, May 2, 2011

NOTD: Hello Kitty Nailart + RAOK

Hi again,

a few days ago a friend sent me a surprise pack. i didn't expect it so i was really shocked when my brother woke me up because the courier is waiting for me to sign and pick up the pack. i love my new stuffs so much. it includes a hello kitty and a mickey/minnie mouse image plate. YAY!! hope someday i can also get a Pooh Image plate. LOL.

Sis Shiverly this design is for you,

 Here are the stuffs that i got. YAY
My new Image Plates so cute
 so that's it for today hope you liked my design.

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