Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NOTD: Royalty Nailart

Hello Everyone,

been busy these past few days, i'm a bit worried about my ojt and some of the id's that i need for my future work. still haven't got my birth certificate yet and it's really annoying because i really really need it. am about to turn 22 this june and still i haven't got one yet. dayum. Well anyway, so much for that annoying thing. just wanna share this Glittery Holo polish of Claire's. again, this is from my lovely friend Tiff. i'm so hooked up with this polish. i super duper LOVE this polish, i love the glitter and the holo so much *drooling*  this is one of my lemmings and thanks to Tiff, i've got one. YAY!!

my camera can't really capture the beauty of the polish. can't show how beautiful it glitters and the awesome HOLOness aww.

2 coats (next time will make it 3 coats LOL)
glittery love awww

it also kinda looks like a nail foil for me, so i decided to stamp with BM08 for the crown in the ring finger and BM19 for the circles. got this idea from my friends nail art work, Johanne. thanks sis for this one.

Blurred to show the beauty of the Glittery Holo

So that's it for today,hope you like my work.
thanks for reading

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Gondoh naman nyan jopay!


love the glitters! and i tagged you an award please check

Bless (Vhlesz)

thanks pretty perlas =) mas maganda ka naman dyan eh =p

aww thanks for the award yoannital =)

Jillian Rueter

I think I want that color now.

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