Friday, May 20, 2011

NOTD: Peace and Kisses Nailart + my very first international swap ever

Hello Everyone,

Isn't it that today is said to be "The Judgement Day" and the world will end at around 6pm? so that means we only have until 5.59pm today to blog LOL. well, i don't actually believe on that thing 'coz only God knows when the world will end. just keep on praying for guidance God will never leave you behind. well anyway, so much for that thing, we all know that lately the world was lacking out of peace and love. there's a lot of bombing, threats, terrorism and war which is not good because a lot of innocent people dies. so as a Filipino youth, i made a simple nail art to reach out to the people all over the world. lets all have PEACE and UNITY, and spread some LOVE and KISSES.

for the base color i used 3 coats of Orly: Space Cadet, stamped with BM07 using a Yellow Konad special polish and a Pink Konad special Polish for the BM02 image plate. i also love the shiny and glossy finish of this art thanks to Seche Vite and hey, everything that i used in here, starting from the base coat unto the top coat, i've got it from a swap.(and almost everything was my very first and only bottle) here's what i've got during my swap with my Lovely friend,  Tiff of yardsticks4lunatics (this was my very first international swap ever too).

yummy easter treats, bm plates, cute buffer, a decal and sticker, garfield socks, and lots of great polishes

i've been worrying for this pack for a week,i didn't receive any notice from the P.O yet (OMG!!) and it's over a month, but good thing all those waiting stops. after receiving the notice i immediately went to the P.O to pick it up. YAY!! feels like an Advance birthday gift and i'm so so so so so HAPPY!!! *can you feel it LOL* 
Thanks tiff =)

and oh, a few weeks ago i also received an early birthday present from my pretty friend, Gelyn. yay lots of early gift hihi.

so that's all for today, this was quite the longest post i've ever did ('coz its the end of the world!! Kidding)
thanks for reading and i hope you like it

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lovely nail goddies. The Orly space cadet nail polish is gorgeus

Alice @ NailsbyAlice

you recived amazing things!! i'm envy!! :) :) :)


aw, one of my wish is the space cadet.. grr :( hhe nice mani! look its already may 22 dear ;p

Bless (Vhlesz)

@emjay-haha yah right its already 22 and am still blogging haha

@alice-i know right. hmm maybe in time lets try to swap too =)

@beautyshades-thats one of my lemmings and i love it so much i super love space cadet

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