Friday, October 15, 2010

October is all about Pink

Hi everyone,

this month is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this reminds me of my grandmother who survived Breast Cancer. she was at her mid-seventies when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. they must get rid of her right breast so that the cancer cell won't spread out to her body. and so just like what other breast cancer patients, my grandmother needs to undergo an operation but in her case, due to her age and asthma, it is a bit dangerous. at first, the doctor refuse to do the operation because my grandmother is too old and might not stand it but then my grandmother is brave enough and believes that she can survive the operation. we prayed a lot while she was on the operating room and i know that she's praying too. though i'm not at the hospital that time (because i still have my class), i can't help but think about her and what's happening at the operating room. we've waited for hours but it's worth it because my grandmother did it, she survived the operation. though that's not through yet, she's still under observation and needs to take medicine for 5 years. but thank God after 5 years of continuous medication, we can say that my grandmother is free of breast cancer and those cancer cells. Yes she really did Survived.
this is me and my grandmother

i admire my grandmother for being brave and strong. despite of her age, she took the risk and faced the operation. though now she's in heaven with our Savior, Jesus Christ, i know that every pain that she had while she was still alive is worth it and now she's very happy together with my grandfather.

in remembrance of my grandmother and for the national breast cancer awareness month, i did a simple nail art for it,

1 of every 8 women will develop breast cancer so be aware. let's spread this to all the girls in the world. check and feel your boobies remember that prevention is better than cure.

how about you? what can you share?

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Congratulations to your grandmother and her survival! She and you are an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing yours and your grandma's story here with us all. What a lovely picture of you and your Grandma. I really like the mani you did for Breast Cancer awareness with the little pink rhinstones in shape of ribbon! Very creative.
Here's link to my blog.
I do acrylics too. Not a professional, just a hobby for me.

Bless (Vhlesz)

thanks for the wonderful words eileen. i super love acylics too. i'll check out your blog =)

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