Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NOTD: Metallic Decals

Hi Everyone,

a friend sent me some metallic decals to try on, and i must say they ROCK. it's a must have and you gotta have to try them all. they're not just beautiful, they're also easy to use. words can't explain how gorgeous the decal was (and so does the camera damn).
i applied 2 coats of Rainbow Nail Color. its a tan colored polish with holographic effect. i simply love this polish. it matches my skin tone and i love the holo effect (my camera sucks. can't show the effect damn)
then applied a leaf styled metallic decal (isn't it gorgeous?)
and to spice it up a bit, i used my F xl plate to add a flower. (can you see the peacock feather that i'm holding on? so cute)
so that's it for today hope you liked it.
thanks for reading'

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Hi dear! Love your nail art, followed you. Hope you could follow me back over at my fashion, beauty, and nail art blog as well.


The Adventures of G

Beauty shades

the glitter polish is really pretty

Bless (Vhlesz)

@gwyneth-aww thanks will surely do

@beauty shades-its one of my fav its a light holo polish =)

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)

Where can I get these decals? Love it with the holo :)

Bless (Vhlesz)

hello rmcandlelight i bought it at an online store check this out she ships international =)

hair extensions

Reapply paint to the brush as needed, and let each color dry before adding a new one. Add other colors to make new designs or add good highlights. Once your first color is dry, you can add other colors either on top of the first or in other places on the nail.

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